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First Round of Speakers Announced for Crypto Renaissance

We’re excited to announce our first round of speakers for Crypto Renaissance! This private, invite only conference on December 10 in San Francisco will be focuse...

by Emily


We’re excited to announce our first round of speakers for Crypto Renaissance! This private, invite only conference on December 10 in San Francisco will be focused on sharing insights and perspectives about our new economic reality and, more importantly, how you can participate in the future. Request your invitation today!

Confirmed Speakers:

Alexander Rose

Executive Director & Secretary of the Board, The Long Now Foundation

Alexander is an industrial designer and has been working with The Long Now Foundation and computer scientist Danny Hillis since 1997 to build a monument scale, all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock.

As the director of Long Now, Alexander founded both The Interval and the The Organizational Continuity Project, and has facilitated a range of other projects including The Rosetta Project, Long Bets, Seminars About Long Term Thinking, Long Server and others. Alexander shares several design patents on the 10,000 Year Clock with Danny Hillis, the first prototype of which is in the Science Museum of London, and the monument scale version is now under construction in West Texas.

Alexander’s combat robots have won over six world championship titles appearing in the hit TV show BattleBots. He has built large pyrotechnic displays for the Burning Man festival, robotic bartenders and other dangerous machines. Alexander was a world champion paintball player holding multiple world titles with his team the Ironmen from 1990 through 1995. At Carnegie Mellon University, Alexander was the lead designer for a record setting human powered vehicle team.

Alexander’s presentation for Crypto Renaissance is titled “The Confusion of Tongues: Cryptography, Ledgers, and the Modern World”.

You can follow Alexander on Twitter.

Renée DiResta, Stanford Internet Observatory

Renée DiResta

Technical Research Manager, Stanford Internet Observatory

Renée DiResta is the Technical Research Manager at Stanford Internet Observatory, a cross-disciplinary program of research, teaching and policy engagement for the study of abuse in current information technologies.

Renée regularly writes and speaks about technology policy, and influence operations. She is an Ideas contributor at Wired and The Atlantic. Her tech industry writing, analysis, talks, and data visualizations have been featured or covered by numerous media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and more. She appeared in the documentary The Social Dilemma.

Renée is on the Board of the MobileCoin Foundation. She is the author of The Hardware Startup: Building your Product, Business, and Brand, published by O’Reilly Media. She has degrees in Computer Science and Political Science from the Honors College at SUNY Stony Brook.

For fun, she explores data sets and loves cooking and making things. Renée and her husband, Justin Hileman, are the parents of three feisty little people.

Renée can be followed on Twitter.

Joshua Goldbard, CEO and Founder of MobileCoin

Joshua Goldbard

CEO and Founder, MobileCoin

Joshua has spent the last four years developing MobileCoin – a fast, safe, and easy-to-use payment technology that gives everyone the ability to transact from nearly anywhere in the world digitally.  His passion for understanding technology and translating complex concepts into plain language has been a focus throughout his career. His expertise in mobile systems and his desire to democratize finance were central to his founding MobileCoin.

With a vision of ensuring privacy is a universal right and mobile payment options are fast, simple and secure, Joshua is committed to making decentralized finance available to all. Since its founding in 2017, MobileCoin has raised over $100 million from leading investors and is considered one of the fastgrowing cryptocurrencies worldwide. Working in telecom for much of his life, Joshua developed, managed, and implemented networks of significant complexity. Before MobileCoin, he managed Crypto Lotus, one of the first crypto hedge funds.

A lover of the creative process whether it is computer coding or art and music Joshua is
committed to supporting thinkers and creators and bringing new concepts to life, also serving
as Board Member for the MobileCoin Foundation.

Follow Joshua on Twitter.

Sara Hall, CTO of MobileCoin

Sara Drakeley

CTO, MobileCoin

With a wealth of impressive technology development and design experience, Sara oversees a
team of engineers and developers building the MobileCoin payment technology, ecosystem,
and overall customer and partner experience.

Graduating from MIT with a degree in mathematics and computer science, Sara joined Walt
Disney Animation Studios as a technical director on Oscarwinning animated movies. At
Disney, she led the procedural geometry software engineering pipeline on many familyloved
films, including Frozen, WreckitRalph, Big Hero Six, Zootopia, and Moana. Following Disney,
Sara moved to Wall Street to implement trading infrastructure and data engineering platforms,
then joined the SpaceX simulation team before joining the MobileCoin team.

Brady Forrest, Head of Business Development, MobileCoin

Brady Forrest

Head of Business Development, MobileCoin

Brady Forrest is the Head of Business Development at MobileCoin. He co-founded Ignite Talks, a global talk series which has been held thousands of times around the world including at SXSW, Google, the Gates Foundation and the White House. Brady is also the co-founder of Highway1, a Bay Area hardware accelerator that funded over 75 hardware startups (including Cue Health). He co-authored O’Reilly’s The Hardware Startup, a primer for building technology companies. He’s worked with 500 Startups and Khosla Ventures, and chaired many O’Reilly Media technology conferences including Where 2.0, ETech and Web 2.0 Expo.

Brady also spent 10 years building software products at both Microsoft (MSN Music and MSN Search) and in the Supply Chain industry. Brady holds a BS in Industrial Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a Kauffman FellowBrady is on the Board of CAST, a non-profit that buys and manages buildings for arts organizations in SF and Oakland. Most years you can find him at Burning Man.

Follow Brady on Twitter.