MobileCoin to Match $100K USD of MOB Donations to Support Ukraine

MobileCoin is encouraging you to join us in supporting Ukraine by announcing our MobileCoin Heroes Donation Match program! We will match the next $100K USD worth of MOB donations made to MobileCoin vetted, non-profit organizations from around the world. The first two non-profit organizations we’ve selected are Ukrainian Students for Freedom, a non-profit performing on-the-ground humanitarian relief work in Ukraine and Ideas Beyond Borders, a non-profit creating critical thinking educational content for the Arabic world. We chose these two non-profits because of their active humanitarian work in conflict zones. 

To have your Ukraine donations matched, you can easily and instantly donate through your Signal app by messaging “give” to our Signal Bot here. We will match your first $10 USD of MOB donated (per person) up to a limit of $100,000 USD of MOB. 

MobileCoin and Ideas Beyond Borders are working directly with the Ukrainian Students for Freedom, a vetted, dedicated and trustworthy group that is uniting volunteer groups from Switzerland and Germany to help the people of Ukraine with medical supplies. These MobileCoin Heroes were with us at our most recent Meet MobileCoin where we learned more about these organizations that are doing such important work and how we can donate and show support to the people of Ukraine. 

Andreas Juergens is the CEO of the Peace Love Liberty Association, working alongside the Ukrainian Students for Freedom to support the Ukrainian people by putting real, instantaneous humanitarian aid directly into the hands of Ukrainians. Among their efforts, the organization has built a ten-car convoy filled with medicine and other supplies which is being driven through Poland to Kharkiv, Ukraine, one of the most bombarded cities, to distribute these critical life-saving supplies. While operating in a conflict zone, a high level of operational security is required. According to Andreas, “MobileCoin in Signal is the easiest and fastest way to move humanitarian aid in a conflict zone. It has the fastest onboarding and easiest payment experience in cryptocurrency.”

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar is the founder of Ideas Beyond Borders, our partner for MobileCoin Heroes, MobileCoin’s humanitarian grant program. Through the translation of Wikipedia articles and other media, their mission is to make knowledge accessible while teaching critical thinking skills so that Arabic-speakers can navigate the information around them. Ideas Beyond Borders runs entirely on Signal and partners with MobileCoin to help pay translators for their services in countries where there is a pressing need for fast and secure transactions. We are increasingly seeing humanitarian relief funding move through Signal during the conflict in Ukraine as well. 

We appreciate the bravery of the people who are doing this work. Humanitarian work in conflict zones is incredibly difficult, and we thank the people who are risking their lives to help those in need. 

We’ve made it easy to donate to the charity of your choosing. The MobileCoin Forest team has created a Bot infrastructure in Signal that allows us to escrow these funds on behalf of these charities. 

Please join us and donate to the cause and we will match your first $10 USD of MOB donated (per person) up to a limit of $100,000 USD of MOB. To donate funds, message our Signal Bot (linked here) with the word ‘give’ and follow the instructions. 

Thank you so much for your support!

By Emily Huh