MobileCoin honored with a Top 5 Award for our low digital carbon footprint!

Out of 1,000 fintech websites reviewed by Greenpixie, scored in the top five for our low digital carbon footprint! We believe all businesses should work to minimize their carbon footprint. MobileCoin’s network runs on technology that uses a fraction of the energy of other cryptocurrencies and emits almost no carbon

What is a carbon footprint vs. digital carbon footprint?

Many people don’t associate their digital activity with an environmental impact beyond the energy cost of charging their laptop. 

In fact, there’s a lot more to it than that. Digital carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emissions of the whole data transfer ecosystem: data centers, telecommunications, and devices themselves. All computing exists within a physical infrastructure which requires energy, whether that’s running warehouses full of high powered servers, powering undersea cables, or displaying the end result on your home computer.

Every video call, website visit, email, YouTube clip and application we use has a carbon footprint. Every like, share and post you make on social media has a carbon footprint. 

Why does it matter? How much does digital carbon contribute to climate change? 

Cumulatively, digital carbon’s impact on climate change is significant—and it keeps increasing as we become a digital-first world. Digital carbon accounts for 4% of total global carbon emissions today—equivalent to the entire aviation industry. 

How was MobileCoin assessed for our digital carbon footprint? 

To get an accurate picture of the carbon footprint of a particular digital activity, it’s important to know how much energy is being used and where that energy is coming from. This requires a detailed understanding of how to calculate usage data into emissions data.

With MobileCoin’s website, Greenpixie looked at how ‘heavy’ the website’s data is, how large the files are, how optimized the design is, and where the data is coming from.

MobileCoin came in 5th place among 1,000 fintech websites around the world! This means that in addition to the MobileCoin network’s nearly negligible energy usage and carbon footprint, MobileCoin’s online presence is equally safe for the environment.

Greenpixie is using the power of software to bring sustainability to the digital world, beginning with a cloud emissions solution, Cloud NetZero. To learn more, you can visit

By Firen Forrest and Polly Lorelli