Crypto Renaissance Speakers

Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal, PhD | Former Renaissance and Reformation Historian turned Crypto-First Investor

A Fulbright Recipient to the Sorbonne’s interdisciplinary think tank (EPHE), guest lecturer / featured speaker at Harvard, Hopkins, MIT, SXS & Crypto Media, Josh founded multiple successful startups (EY Entrepreneur of the Year w/ work showcased in Entrepreneur Mag., Forbes, Bloomberg, US News, etc.) before starting a crypto-first founders’ fund, the 6ixth Event, where he serves as partner exploring how communities use decentralized technology to reshape our world in what has become known as a Crypto Renaissance.


Faisal Saeed Al Mutar

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar is an Iraqi social American social entrepreneur and human rights activist who experienced the villainy of extremism and authoritarian regimes firsthand. He survived several kidnapping attempts before becoming a refugee in the United States in 2013.

He is the founder ofIdeas Beyond Borders, a non-profit dedicated to empowering people across the middle east with access to new ideas and fresh perspectives.


Steve Jurvetson

Steve is an early-stage venture capitalist with a focus on founder-led, mission-driven companies at the cutting edge of disruptive technology and new industry formation. He is a co-founder at Future Ventures, and was the early VC investor in SpaceX, Tesla, Planet, Memphis Meats, Hotmail, D-Wave, Boring, Zoox and the deep learning companies Mythic and Nervana. He also led founding investments in five companies that went public in successful IPOs and several others that became billion-dollar acquisitions.


Renée DiResta

Renée is the technical research manager at Stanford Internet Observatory. She investigates the spread of narratives across social and media networks, and studies how actors leverage the information ecosystem to exert influence, from domestic activists promoting health misinformation and conspiracy theories, to the full-spectrum information operations executed by state actors.


Alexander Rose

Alexander has been working with the Long Now Foundation, where he is executive director, and computer scientist Danny Hillis since 1997 to build a monument scale, all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock. He has built large pyrotechnic displays for the Burning Man festival, robotic bartenders and other dangerous machines. His presentation for Crypto Renaissance is titled “The Confusion of Tongues: Cryptography, Ledgers, and the Modern World”.


Kristin Smith

Kristin is the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, the Washington DC-based trade association representing the most prominent and reputable organizations in the crypto industry. Kristin serves as a liaison between federal agencies and the cryptocurrency industry to assist in the creation of legislation that promotes the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the U.S.


Andrew Berardini

Andrew Berardini is a writer, editor, and curator from California. He has curated exhibitions at venues including MOCA-Los Angeles, Palais de Tokyo, Castello di Rivoli, and the Pavilion of Estonia at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Best known for his poetic and corporeal writing, Berardini has been a longtime contributor to Artforum.


Joshua Goldbard

Joshua has spent the last four years developing MobileCoin – a fast, safe, and easy-to-use payment technology that gives everyone the ability to transact from nearly anywhere in the world digitally.


Sara Hall

Sara Hall is the CTO at MobileCoin. Over the past decade, Hall devised and delivered mathematical algorithms and software engineering in the financial, aerospace, and animation/VFX industries.

Brady Forrest

A serial connector and entrepreneur who has spent his career bringing people and companies together, Brady is leading business development and partnerships at MobileCoin. His role additionally encompasses merchant services and supporting the MobileCoin ecosystem.