• Bounties

                  MobileCoin launched new bounties for the open source developer community on Gitcoin making it easy for over 312,000 active developers to work with MobileCoin — and grow the ecosystem of apps and integrations for MobileCoin. Gitcoin is a community of builders, creators, and protocols at the center of open web ecosystems. Gitcoin’s community is creating infrastructure for Web 3 — a diverse range of tools, technologies, and networks that enable people to work for the open internet. MobileCoin is using Gitcoin to fund projects, build community, and teaming up with the Gitcoin community to create the future of digital payments.

                  What kind of projects will be built with Gitcoin?

                  MobileCoin is offering bounties for developers who find bugs and security issues, as well as create new features and integrations. Several new bounties will be announced over the next few weeks and months. Some of the use cases that will be published on Gitcoin include:

                  • Security Vulnerabilities: We’re looking to increase resistance to attack by tapping into the ethical hacker community. Bounties for security hackers will help MobileCoin understand new attack surfaces, hunt bugs, test apps, and identify vulnerabilities.
                  • Signal Bots: MobileCoin’s Forest SDK for Signal Bots has been used in several apps including Imogen, a generative AI bot that creates art, and Hotline, a subscription and notification bot used for air drops. We are seeking developers to build more bots, such as a “Shopping Bot” that can list products and facilitate sales using MobileCoin directly within the Signal app.
                  • Windows Wallet: Our community wants a Windows version of the MobileCoin wallet. MobileCoin’s core team resources have been focused on secure mobile apps for iPhones and Androids, leaving us without the bandwidth to develop it ourselves.. By funding this bounty, we aim to enable a whole new class of power users and developers.
                  • Browser Extension: The Fennec wallet provides MobileCoin holders with an easy-to-use wallet directly in their browser. However, the extension is not built specifically for MobileCoin and a faster, simpler solution is desired to support sending, receiving, and paying with MOB on websites.
                  • Blockchain Analytics: While the MobileCoin blockchain is opaque and does not let users snoop on wallets and their transactions, there is an interest from the community to see more details on the circulating supply, the number of nodes, the seconds per transaction, and overall number of new blocks on the blockchain. Funding this issue will likely require working closely with the core team on requirements.
                  • Online Shopping Plugins: In addition to the WooCommerce plugin, we want to offer the community funding to begin integration with more online stores.
                  • Developer Tools & Frameworks: We saved the best for last! MobileCoin SDKs allow developers to easily integrate MobileCoin into mobile apps, but there are many more platforms for developers and users. Building tools that integrate easily with frameworks like React and Flutter will allow developers to jumpstart their integration with MobileCoin.

                  Blockchain Explorer

                  At a high level, the goal is to create a new block explorer which connects to the Full Service API. The block explorer should allow a user to safely enter their private keys to query the block explorer for relevant data about their own transactions.

                  Currently, the MobileCoin Foundation’s Block Explorer is an open source block explorer providing detailed blockchain data across the MobileCoin Mainnet. This block explorer also supports Tor, and is tracking-free. Right now, the block explorer runs off of the MobileCoinD API, but we are deprecating this project and refreshing it to run on the Full Service API.

                  You can apply to build the new blockchain explorer on Gitcoin.

                  WooCommerce Plugin

                  The goal of the plugins project is to enable a payments option for MobileCoin during checkout on the online shopping platform, WooCommerce. The end-users of this plugin should be able to add the plugin to their eCommerce store to accept and process payments using the MobileCoin (MOB) cryptocurrency. MobileCoin’s blockchain can process payments in under 5 seconds with negligible transaction fees (0.0004 MOB).

                  MobileCoin’s core engineering team has already done much of the development and released an example plugin for the popular WooCommerce store for WordPress to accept MOB as a payment method. You can find the open source code for the plugin on GitHub.

                  This plugin is still in the development phase, and we are seeking developers to take over this project and update the plugin so that it can be used successfully by online stores on WordPress.

                  You can apply to build the WooCommerce integration on Gitcoin.




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