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MobileCoin partners with Signal

Our partnership with the Signal Messenger app makes MobileCoin available to millions of users globally. MobileCoin is the only cryptocurrency supported by Signal app.

Get the Signal App

Install the latest version of Signal.


End-to-end Encryption

Signal can't read your messages or view your MobileCoin transactions, and no one else can either. Information about the transaction is encrypted: sender, receiver, amount transferred, and message are all unknown to Signal.

Easy Wallet Recovery

Securely recover your wallet if you lose your phone, using only your Signal PIN and phone number. Also, securely recover your 24 word phrase if you lose it - without sharing your private keys.

Free and Open Source

Signal is an independent nonprofit supported by donations. Learn more about Signal and how you can support them at

Activate Signal Payments

Activating payments will let you send and receive MobileCoin.

  1. Open the Signal app on your phone.
  2. Tap Profile (in the top left corner of your screen)
  3. Tap Settings ⚙️
  4. Tap Payments 💳
  5. Tap "Activate Payments"
  6. Tap "Activate"
  7. Tap "Accept and Agree to the Terms"

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