Open-Source Code

Open-source technology is publicly auditable. To build trusted systems, we must start with making our code public. In doing so, we support the community in verifying that the intention of our design matches our implementation. We can build secure software in a world where anyone can audit our technology, which is why we are committed to keeping our payments protocol open-source, now and forever.

MobileCoin is a security-focused cryptocurrency launched on December 7th, 2020. Its initial code base was developed by MobileCoin Inc. and published by the MobileCoin Foundation with an open-source license (GPLv3).

There are two GitHubs for Mobilecoin:

  • MobileCoin Foundation GitHub – this GitHub contains all the code relevant to the blockchain, consensus, and fog projects. It is managed by the Foundation and follows the improvement proposal process.
  • MobileCoin Official GitHub – this GitHub contains all the wallets, bots, and integrations. It is managed by the core-dev team and

All of our audits are made publicly accessible after careful review:


Defense in Depth


Decentralized Governance