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Life of a Transaction

ELI5 Series: Life of a MobileCoin Transaction

In the latest addition to Explain Like I’m 5 (ELI5), we will walk through the life of a MobileCoin transaction and the various technologies that make it happen.  The first two parts of the ELI5 series focus on the MobileCoin blockchain...

by Colin Lowenberg

Employee Spotlight: Eran Rundstein, Senior Software Engineer

Get to know Eran Rundstein (he/him) in our latest MobileCoin spotlight! Find out all about Eran, how he got into the cryptocurrency industry, and take a tour of his camper van build! What’s your position at MobileCoin? I’m a senior...

by Emily Huh

MobileCoin is Helping Artists Get Paid

Have you ever been to a live performance—music, theater, live painting, anything—where you felt like the artist just reached right into you, pulled out your soul, and started molding it like clay into a million big, crazy emotions? And you...

by Firen Forrest

Alexander Rose on Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 24

In this week’s episode Alexander Rose and Lucy Kind go swimming in the depths of some of life’s greatest questions: what is the meaning of time, how will the technologies we are building now (or not building) affect future generations, and...

by Firen Forrest

MOB/USDT Perpetual Contract Trading Available on Gate.io

Last week, Gate.io listed MobileCoin/MOB on their cryptocurrency exchange and trading became available. Now Gate.io has added MOB/USDT perpetual contract trading (USDT margin). Learn more about MOB/USDT perpetual contract specifications:...

by Emily Huh

Introducing the MobileCoin Apps, APIs, and SDKs

“First, we are an open source project, and projects that want to integrate with MobileCoin can start working on it right away. Anyone can integrate MobileCoin into their app. We will build and invest in our community of developers,” Brady...

by Colin Lowenberg

MobileCoin added to Binance’s Convert and OTC Portal

More exciting MobileCoin news from Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange! Last week, Binance listed MobileCoin (MOB), and now MOB has been added to Binance’s Convert & OTC Portal, with 120 new pairs available...

by Emily Huh

DeFiance Media Covers MobileCoin’s Commitment to Our Planet

MobileCoin celebrates Earth Day year-round because we love and prioritize our planet. DeFiance Media recently covered MobileCoin’s commitment to our planet and how we are the only mobile-first, planet friendly payment platform built...

by Emily Huh

Employee Spotlight: Bernie Dolan, Software Engineer

Meet Bernie Dolan (he/him) in our newest MobileCoin spotlight! Discover who Bernie is, how he came to work at MobileCoin, and what his superpower would be. What’s your position at MobileCoin? I’m a Software Engineer at MobileCoin...

by Emily Huh

Defense in Depth

Securing Payments at Scale MobileCoin was built to enable mobile applications like Signal to send digital payments without compromising on user security. Transactions complete in just a few seconds, and all transaction information is kept...

by Josh Goldbard