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Meet MobileCoin: Proof of Cow

What do you think happens when a company starts airdropping their digital cash? The bounty hunting bots come out of the woodwork to rear their money hungry heads. Here’s a cow tip on how we combatted them—and no, we did not tip any cows over...

by Emily Huh

Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 20: Chris Martin

In Episode 20 we continue to dive into the intersection of privacy and art. MobileCoin CEO Josh Goldbard welcomes Oakland, CA based tattoo and textile artist Chris Martin to talk about his personal journey of creation and his exploration...

by Firen Forrest

MobileCoin Fog: A Leap Forward in Oblivious Computing

Our second article in the ELI5 series builds upon your knowledge of a blockchain. Remember, Bitcoin’s blockchain is slow, allows everyone to see all transactions and was not built to be used on your phone. That’s okay for digital gold, which...

by Sara Drakeley

Employee Spotlight: Colin Carey, Software Engineer

Meet Colin Carey (they/them) in our latest MobileCoin spotlight! Get to know all about Colin and discover their journey to MobileCoin and what they love to do outside of work. What’s your position at MobileCoin? I joined just over a...

by Emily Huh

FTX Lists MobileCoin (MOB) Perpetual Futures

We’re excited to announce that FTX went live today with the MobileCoin (MOB) perpetual futures listing! Trading started on March 25th, 2022 at 2pm (UTC) and trading pairs are MOB-PERP. For more information, visit FTX. What are perpetual future...

by Emily Huh

Cryptocurrency: From Faux to Pro

Cryptography algorithms, blockchain, zero knowledge proofs, Web3, NFTs, PIR, consensus protocols. Is your mind spinning? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. MobileCoin is borrowing an idea from Reddit with our ELI5 series. We think that...

by Natalie Louie

Finding Creativity Through Constraint

Constraints drive innovation. This simple axiom is at the heart of MobileCoin’s development process which allows us to develop novel, creative solutions that set MobileCoin apart from the multitude of fly-by-night crypto products. There are...

by Sara Drakeley

MobileCoin Spotlight: Inga Bard, Director of Art

Meet Inga Bard (she/her) in our latest MobileCoin team spotlight! She is such a talented artist and brings so much creativity to MobileCoin. What’s your position at MobileCoin? I am the Director of Art. How did you find your way into...

by Emily Huh

Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 19: Andrew Berardini

In episode 19, Lucy Kind interviews Andrew Berardini, one of LA’s most renowned art critics and curators. Andrew has curated exhibitions at institutions like MOCA Los Angeles and the Estonia Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale. He is on...

by Firen Forrest

MobileCoin XandY Study: How U.S. Adults Perceive Cryptocurrency

Today President Biden signed an Executive Order outlining the first ever, whole-of-government approach to digital assets. Kristin Smith, the Executive Director of the Blockchain Association, wrote “Crypto is a transformative technology that’s...

by Emily Huh