Additional Speakers Added to Crypto Renaissance


We are excited to announce another fabulous speaker to our speaking lineup at Crypto Renaissance – Sarah Novotny. The lineup of speakers already include Josh Rosenthal, PhD and Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Kristin Smith, Andrew Berardini, Steve Jurvetson, Alexander Rose, and Renée DiResta. Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to buy your ticket today! We are offering a limited time Cyber Monday deal of 50% off tickets with “CYBERMONDAY”, so now is the perfect time to get your ticket.

Sarah Novotny is a technology executive with pioneering leadership in open source, cloud computing, infrastructure automation, and big data.  Her more than 25 year career demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit – consistently leading technical operations and development teams as well as engaged in external facing work such as Developer Relations, Marketing, Sales Engineering, Customer Success, PR and Public Speaking.

She most recently joined the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO after leading an Open Source Strategy group for Google Cloud Platform.  Sarah has represented both Google and Microsoft on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors.  During her tenure at Google as a Node.js Foundation Director she led a merger between the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation. These two Foundations now host more than 30 projects under the combined entity Open JS Foundation.

Sarah has been active in Non-profit work including the corporate industry groups listed above and several arts related 501(c)3s including Chairing the Artist Trust of Washington State Board and guiding The Project Room through its non profit status acquisition and later dissolution.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter.