Announcing the MobileCoin Series A


MobileCoin is pleased to announce our partnership with General Catalyst and Future Ventures.

We are one step closer to our goal of responsibly delivering privacy-protecting decentralized finance to the world. There will be a great many challenges ahead, but we are glad to count these firms and individuals as our allies.

“We’re excited to partner with MobileCoin because of their attention to detail, unambiguous commitment to integrity, and focus on building products people want to use every single day. The combination of privacy-protection, speed, and environmentally friendly design is novel in the cryptocurrency space.”
-Hemant Taneja, Managing Director of General Catalyst

“With a sharp team, MobileCoin has quietly developed the holy grail of digital payments — cheap, fast, secure and totally private — all the while being optimized for the convenience of your phone. I have been looking for a practical digital cash solution for 27 years now, and we are proud to support the company in the development of mobile coinage for all.”
-Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Future Ventures

Whatever challenges lie ahead, we will face them together. As Peretz Partensky once said, “Life is hard, but it’s better with friends.”