MobileCoin Berlin Event Featuring Firespinning


Last month, MobileCoin partnered with one of its Berlin City Ambassadors to create a night of celebration exploring the intersection of cryptocurrency and art.

Guests tipped artists for their offerings with MOB, with artists kindly helping those guests who were new to MobileCoin through the wallet payment process! Per Berlin club culture, photos were prohibited, so the party had a resident sketch artist that elegantly captured vignettes of key moments.

The theme, Signals, refers to communication waves and radio signals, and is the brainchild of local Berlin producer Nico. In his words:

“I wanted to throw a party that is not only fun, diverse and interactive, but one that features cryptocurrencies in general and MOB specifically, incorporating only culturally authentic elements into the event. Through word of mouth, guests were invited to Signals, most of whom have had no previous touch points with cryptocurrencies before.

I have been organizing events for five years, and this was the first time I collaborated with anyone from outside of town. So, I was fixated on finding synergies with MobileCoin’s culture while keeping the vibe of local events I organize and attend.”

Kaos Flow firespinning outside with fire toys of his own invention

Signals featured a range of Berlin talent from music and performing arts. On the decks were Isabeau Fort, Jamiie, Budakid, and Sarah Wild. Outside the dance floor, a rousing fire show was put on by Kaos Flow, who used some fire toys of his own creation to mesmerize the crowd. Nearby artists turned an old bunker into a “BOOTH OF TRUTH”, where guests experienced one-on-one interactive performances discovering the history of currency as well as the future as they envision it.

Blu drawing from the Ethers to bestow a reading of the future in the Booth of Truth

Throughout the night, Tutti D’amore (@ x) captivated guests with mind-blowing opera, while Drag Queen extraordinaire Arie Oshri MC’d and offered some lyrical raps on her own, and Akynos’ sensational dancing paired well with both. Finally, when guests tired themselves out dancing, they could get a relaxing massage, giving them a new lease on life and sending them back into the party.

Tutti D’Amore and xxx lending their voices and personalities to live vocal performances

Having spent months before the party collaborating and connecting with the MobileCoin team in Berlin, Nico was struck by inspiration during the planning phases of Signals to include what he calls a “KryptoKiosk”, a quaint counter tucked away in the basement of the club where guests could make purchases with MOB: 

“I wanted to experiment with people’s readiness to use their phones in a low phone usage context like a Berlin club, to buy things and tip performers. Experience proved that they were indeed ready and lots of little things like ginger schnapps, local handmade jewelry, brownies, and condoms were bought with MOB at the Kryptokiosk.”

Kryptokiosk was inspired by Spätis, which are little night shops where you can get all your nightlife basics. They are all over Berlin and an integral part of my hometown’s culture. Having one within a party is rare itself, only being able to pay with MOB though was really special.”

Guests browsing the art and food on offer at the innovative KryptoKiosk

Of synergizing on future creative endeavors with MobileCoin, Nico says:

“Signals happened just one week before clubs had to close again, and had to be run with a 50% capacity. I would love to extend that concept to a bigger day-festival in summer where everything you’d buy at a party can be paid with MOB, including drinks at the bar, art, and more. I can’t wait to start planning an event on a bigger scale and reach for the stars :-)”

Thank you, Nico, the wonderful artists who performed at Signals, and the local Berliners who came out on a hailing Sunday night to celebrate art, connection, and creative exchange in a safe and meaningful way!