Crypto Meets Culture: Lisbon Edition


Last week, the MobileCoin team touched down in Portugal for the first time, hosting an intimate Crypto Meets Culture event at local wine bar Dahlia. Everyone received MobileCoin at the door straight into their Signal wallet.

Interspersed between nibbles of delicious canapés provided by Dahlia, guests and the MobileCoin team engaged in a dynamic and fun Q&A. Attendees learned about the features that MobileCoin has developed to create a seamless, sustainable, and safe payments system.

The MobileCoin Team answering questions while guests sample tapas and wine

Bringing security-focused payments to the globe is a huge part of MobileCoin’s mission, yet our identity extends beyond this one area. The MobileCoin team presented and discussed our myriad art initiatives with Lisbon locals, ranging from the MobileCoin art prize just awarded at the Nada Art Fair during Art Basel to the string of art and music cultural activations that we’ve been launching in Germany and the US.

Describing our myriad art initiatives and chatting with Lisbon locals on what collaboration on cultural events in Lisbon could look like

Enveloped in an exciting discussion around the culture and art of Lisbon, a happy hour atmosphere filled the entirety of Dahlia. Guests used the MOB they received at the door to purchase wine, beer, and soda from a MOB-priced menu.

One attendee remarked on how wonderful it is to be able to experience such a seamless, quick, and practical use of paying with MobileCoin. Many also remarked on the wonderful quality of the natural wines on offer, making for an all in all wonderful time!

Dahlia’s wonderful selection of natural wines, beers, and sodas, all priced in MOB!

Thank you to the Dahlia team and to all the wonderful locals who joined us in co-creating our first Lisbon event! If you or any friends are interested in working with MobileCoin in Lisbon as a brand ambassador or want to create events together, please drop a message to We’re looking forward to making more magic with you soon.