Introducing the MobileCoin Apps, APIs, and SDKs

by Colin Lowenberg

“First, we are an open source project, and projects that want to integrate with MobileCoin can start working on it right away. Anyone can integrate MobileCoin into their app. We will build and invest in our community of developers,” Brady Forrest, @brady, the head of business development for MobileCoin. 

The MobileCoin developer portal ( was initially built as a place for documentation, but it has evolved into an ecosystem with dozens of applications built to send, receive, subscribe, and even create art – with a community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts.  If you are a developer or just a geek looking to learn more about MobileCoin, you can join our community on our Discord (

Developers that have already added support for MOB in their apps are featured on the front page, and many of the apps are fully open source. You can find over a dozen of top applications in the MobileCoin ecosystem. If you are a developer integrating with MobileCoin, you can submit your app to the ecosystem “app store” by simply submitting a pull request to the awesome-mobilecoin repository on GitHub. Actually, all the documentation on the developers portal is written in markdown and open source on GitHub in the developer-portal repo.

High Performance APIs 

The Full-Service API is a JSON RPC API  that offers high performance syncing and wallet services to integrate with the MobileCoin blockchain. This is a major upgrade from the now deprecated ‘mobilecoind’ API and simplifies the integration process for exchanges. The Python CLI is a great place to start, but eventually you will want to build a full wallet. The Electron Wallet is an open source example of how to implement a desktop application to sync the MobileCoin ledger using the Full Service API. The wallet even has unique features like creating gift codes to share with others and an offline mode to access your transactions without the ledger synced. 

Mobile App SDKs

MobileCoin was built to enable mobile applications like Signal to send digital payments without compromising on user security. We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to build their own wallets.  We have tried to make developers’ lives easy, and we’ve released two open source Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. These SDKs are a starting point for developers that want to include MobileCoin in their own app. 

Not Just for Developers

We’ve launched a series of articles explaining how MobileCoin works for every level, a 5 year old, a teenager, a grandparent, and a software developer. Check out our series of guides titled Explain Like I’m 5. To help guide developers and non-developers through their first experience with all these new technologies and new apps. 

Join our Community Calls

Every week we hold a weekly call with our community called Meet MobileCoin. Next week, you can catch MobileCoin’s Chief Product Officer, Bob Lee, @crazybob. Bob led the development of Cash App and Android’s core library. Listen to our podcast, Privacy is the New Celebrity to hear @Brady interview @Bob on our last episode

Speaking of last episodes, you can watch a reply of our  Meet MobileCoin with one of our community members @AxeCapYa, and our Head of Developer Relations, Colin Lowenberg, @colo