MobileCoin is Helping Artists Get Paid

by Firen Forrest

Have you ever been to a live performance—music, theater, live painting, anything—where you felt like the artist just reached right into you, pulled out your soul, and started molding it like clay into a million big, crazy emotions? And you felt joy and bliss and sorrow and everything in between? No? Ok, maybe that’s just me. But I know everyone reading this post has been moved by art at some point. Art feeds the soul and gives us the space to feel

When I’m at a show and I feel this way—all teary eyed and earth shattered—I just want to hug the artist. You know, connect with them in some way and show my appreciation for the monumental gift that they have bestowed upon me. But do you know the kind of appreciation artists really love? Getting paid for their work. 

MobileCoin is helping artists get paid. We think that supporting artists should be as fast and easy as sending a quick message on your phone. Imagine it: You’re at a party and the DJ drops a dirty bass beat that turns you into jelly inside. You pull out your phone and instantly tip them using MobileCoin! Or…you’re at a local theater production and the actor’s rendition of Othello makes your heart sing. You can just send them some gratitude cash—right from your seat! Magical. 

Earlier this year we put this idea to the test: Every Tuesday in March we hosted beatboxing master Honeycomb on MobileCoin Radio. Honeycomb is a walking, breathing, anywhere, anytime musical instrument, and his musical performances are spontaneous, interactive and lit with energy! During the live online radio shows we encouraged listeners to drop MobileCoin to show their appreciation for the music. We also partnered with @_leaf_litter on a merch collaboration and anyone who donated 5+ MOB won a limited edition T-shirt. Listeners could donate any amountmicropayments of 10 or 25 cents USD were meaningful because no credit card or banking fees were taken out. And guess what? In his first show, Honeycomb made over $250 USD of tips in MOB, several fans got limited edition T-shirts, and Honeycomb felt all the love. One hundred percent of the MOB went to Honeycomb, and he was able to use that money to upgrade some of his equipment so he can make more music for us. Win-win-win.

Our first experiment using MobileCoin to pay artists was a great success! Why did it work so well? Because MobileCoin is instantaneous, easy to use, and nearly free to send anywhere in the world. And you can send any amount, no matter how small, so it fits any budget. One hundred $1 bills is still $100. And we use an encrypted blockchain, meaning your payments are kept safe and secure. This means no one snooping around your finances and transactions.  

Over the next weeks and months, expect to see more of these experiments. We’ll be encouraging our fans and listeners to tip artists at many of our MobileCoin online and in-person events. We’ve already got a number of events teed up this year that we’ll be announcing soon. So stay tuned, and if you haven’t already, get yourself some MobileCoin so you can be ready when the time comes!

MobileCoin <3’s artists. We want them to get paid. Now you can help.