Defense in Depth

MobileCoin's defense-in-depth for protecting user data starts by establishing a very high baseline using established technologies like ring signatures, one-time addresses, and RingCT. On top of this foundation we've added secure enclaves and careful information management to securely delete the last traces of identifying information left behind by Cryptonote in our redacted public ledger. Node operators or malicious attackers who compromise a node can't access user keys or user data.

MobileCoin's software is composed of 7 defensive layers, each providing increased security:

  • Layer 1: Open-Source
  • Layer 2: Decentralized Governance
  • Layer 3: CryptoNote
  • Layer 4: Confidential Transactions
  • Layer 5: MobileCoin Ledger
  • Layer 6: MobileCoin Consensus Protocol
  • Layer 7: Secure Enclaves and Remote Attestation