Privacy Stance

privacy is a choice we deserve

MobileCoin aims to empower each individual with the tools they need to communicate and connect. We envision a world where you control what personal data you share. We believe that privacy should be a choice, and we choose to help protect that choice.

what we won't do

We make a pledge to not use your personal data for advertising without your permission. What does that mean? It means we will never buy your data or use data that you did not willingly provide.

  • example: advertising to you based on unrelated browsing history.
  • example: advertising to you based on personal demographic information obtained without your consent.
  • example: advertising to you based on previous purchases you've made.

What does it mean to choose to share?

The internet is a place for connection and exploration. We'd love to connect with you based on what you choose to share about yourself.

  • example: you choose to tag an interest on Twitter, which shows up on your Twitter profile.
  • The choice to tag something expresses, "Hey, I'm interested in this thing!". We love that you're sharing a facet of yourself by doing so, and would love to connect with you based on this interest you've chosen to share.
  • example: you choose to follow someone on Instagram.
  • The choice to follow someone expresses your interest in this content. Other people who are also interested in this profile appear on the follower list too. We want to connect on common interests.

The key that binds all of these things together is choice. You are choosing what you share. We want to amplify that.

For more details on MobileCoin's full privacy and cookie policy, click here.

MobileCoin: privacy protecting technology for the digital age.