Values and Ethos

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crypto that anyone can use

Cryptocurrency up until now has been esoteric. The barrier to understanding, buying, and using crypto is huge for many, and we want to remove that barrier. MobileCoin is a private payment system that works directly with messaging apps on your phone or desktop. It's cryptocurrency designed to be used, and we like to think it's crypto that anyone can use. In a sense, MobileCoin is made for everyone.

privacy is a choice we deserve

We want to empower each individual with the tools they need to communicate and connect. Through our encrypted blockchain payment system, MobileCoin gives you the ability to transact in private. In a world where your personal data is seen as a commodity, we believe that privacy should be a choice, and we choose to help protect that choice.

the act of creation requires privacy

Beyond being a privacy-focused payments company, we believe that privacy is integral to the act of creation. Culture and art arise in isolation, away from myriad outside influences that can strip away the essence of what makes something unique and special. To that aim, MobileCoin is an avid supporter of the arts.

MobileCoin 🖤s the arts

MobileCoin has created a platform, MobileCoin Radio, in which we offer a safe space for creators to manifest their art, be it audio, digital, spoken, or otherwise. We also have a budding Artist in Residence program and collaborate with various independent and established brands on innovative ideas and designs.

building the future of digital payments

We're extremely proud of the near-zero energy consumption required to run MobileCoin. While other blockchains take as much energy to run as an entire country, you could power all of MobileCoin with the same energy to power a few households. MobileCoin cares about the future of our planet, and our energy-saving payments system helps ensure the integrity of the environment.