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Say hello to the only sustainable cryptocurrency that's fast and simple enough for everyday encrypted payments.

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Payments happen instantly, like payments should.

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Easy to use security at scale, without the massive carbon footprint.

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Your individual transactions are kept secure, always.

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Our Desktop Wallet is now available for download on Mac and Linux computers. Mobile wallet coming soon.

MobileCoin is digital cash: Instant payments that keep your transactions secure.



MobileCoin is open-source: We're digital cash backed by technology you can trust. Our ledger is opaque, meaning your transactions are cryptographically protected.

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Cryptocurrency designed to be used.
Encrypted payments for everyone.

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technical overview

Check out the Mechanics of MobileCoin, a comprehensive explanation of our tech.

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Enabling software developers to join us in building the future of payments.

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about us

MobileCoin is the first carbon negative cryptocurrency. It's designed to be used as digital cash on your phone. Our payment system is easy to use with near instantaneous transactions.

Our team holds a wealth of expertise in cryptography, mobile, and telecom, with the founder of Signal as an advisor. We're user and security focused. To learn more about us and our tech, check out this FAQ.

we heart the arts

MobileCoin is an avid supporter of the arts. Check out MobileCoin Radio to learn more about our creative initiatives and the MobileCoin Art Residency.

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