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MobileCoin to Match $100K USD of MOB Donations to Support Ukraine

MobileCoin is encouraging you to join us in supporting Ukraine by announcing our MobileCoin Heroes Donation Match program! We will match the next $100K USD worth of MOB donations made to MobileCoin vetted, non-profit organizations from around...

by Emily Huh
Medici Renaissance

How to Start a Renaissance

History doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Over 5,000 years ago, the very first writing appeared on stone tablets. The ancients carved a system of rows and columns into them, with symbols representing various resources...

by Josh Goldbard

Welcome Alan Paulin as MobileCoin’s Vice President of Engineering

We’re so excited to welcome Alan Paulin as MobileCoin’s Vice President of Engineering! His experience from Square’s Cash App will be extremely valuable as we build the only mobile-first, carbon negative payments platform...

by Emily Huh

MobileCoin Supports Ukraine

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the world and everyone who is sharing this pain together.  We are encouraged by protestors in the streets of Moscow. We are encouraged by celebrities and oligarchs speaking out. We remain hopeful...

by Emily Huh

Employee Spotlight: Chris Beck, Senior Tech Lead for Fog

Meet Chris Beck in our latest employee spotlight! Get to know Chris and discover his path to the MobileCoin team and why he loves working here. What’s your position at MobileCoin? I’m a Senior Tech Lead for Fog. How did you find...

by Emily Huh
Compliance Cryptocurrency

MobileCoin and the Art of Compliance

As the world begins to integrate cryptographic commerce, regulatory compliance takes center stage. Cryptocurrencies can—and should—comply with applicable regulations around the globe, especially as blockchain technology continues to enhance...

by Dave Ackerman

Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 18: Benjamin Alexander

Surprise, it’s a bonus episode! On the eve of his first Olympic ski run, Jamaica’s first-ever alpine skier, Benjamin Alexander, joins Josh Goldbard from the Olympic Village in Beijing. He gives us a firsthand perspective of what...

by Emily Huh

Building Digital Cash for the World

What do people want in a payments product? Trust and convenience. Trust is knowing that your money is where you expect it to be at any given moment. Convenience is putting that money in motion as fluidly as possible. Since time immemorial...

by Bob Lee

Privacy is the New Celebrity EP 17: Kavya Pearlman

In episode 17, Henry Holtzman interviews Kavya Pearlman, award-winning cyber security professional and founder of the XR Safety Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes privacy, security, and ethics in virtual and augmented reality...

by Emily Huh

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with MobileCoin

Happy Lunar New Year! MobileCoin is proud to celebrate the Lunar New Year 4720. It is a tradition in Asian communities to celebrate the arrival of a new year with the sharing of good cheer and wishes of prosperity. One such form of prosperity...

by Derek Shu