MobileCoin Supports Ukraine

by Emily Huh

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Our hearts go out to the world and everyone who is sharing this pain together. 

We are encouraged by protestors in the streets of Moscow. We are encouraged by celebrities and oligarchs speaking out. We remain hopeful the world will return to peace because that is the only logical place to be. 

What does this mean for you and everyone else around the world?

In times of conflict, the world needs a safe and peaceful place to communicate and perform commerce. A neutral, compliant platform for peaceful commerce that provides the maximum amount of privacy for the individual under the rule of law.

MobileCoin and Ideas Beyond Borders are working directly with the Ukrainian Students for Freedom, a vetted, dedicated and trustworthy group that is uniting volunteer groups from Switzerland and Germany to help the people of Ukraine with medical supplies.

To support the efforts in Ukraine, you can easily and instantly donate using Signal by messaging our Signal Bot here. We will match the first $10 USD of MOB donated per person up to a limit of $100,000 USD of MOB. 

To donate funds, just message our Signal Bot (linked here) with the word ‘give’ and follow the instructions. 

If other non-profit organizations in Ukraine would like help setting up their wallets in Signal, please email